Hello I am Shofar Olaguez and this is my site, I am a writer and video editor aspiring to become a great director. My mother is from Los Angeles California and when she was pregnant and about to give birth, she traveled to Mexico so, I was born in a hot desert of Mexico,  That allowed me to have a bicultural experience throughout my life.

Storytelling, in general, has had a huge impact on my life, It is amazing how much you can learn from art, from video games, films, novels. Like the series of Pokemon games that taught me the importance of traveling and making friends. The movie Rocky that showed me how sometimes you can lose even when you are giving everything you have and that’s just part of life. The knight in the rusty armor who inspired me to read when I was a kid. Those few childhood experiences I had with storytelling are just a little part of all the stories that made me who I am today and will be part of who I will become.

That’s why I decided to become a storyteller to teach, inspire and evoke emotions around the world. I had the privilege of writing for commercials, short films, Web series, tales and video games and I am planning on writing more stories for more media.

The purpose of this site is to share some of my knowledge and experience to all of those who share my dream of shouting stories to the world because I know it can be though and yes, why not? sharing some of my stories too, let’s support each other.



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