Hello, Readers, I want to start publishing a series of stories, and I am searching for a platform to share it.

wattpadSo, I´ve been doing research about Wattpad and I even ask your opinions on the platform, so here is what I learned so far for those who are interested. Wattpad is a platform where you can serialize a story the thing here is that the most popular stories are fanfiction and romance, Just go to the home page and you´ll notice, the trending tags are One Direction, anime characters, and romance, that´s because the majority of users are teenagers and young adults more likely female, yes, there are male authors and other genres with a few popular stories but if you are not writing fanfiction the odds are against you, That’s because this platform is meant to introduce a young audience to the amazing world of reading, They don´t care about authors, they follow characters and that´s fair but you are going to compete with fictional characters that are already famous. Yes this a cesspit of plagiarism, so if you are still interested just publish a story that you are not planning on publishing because your story will be basically public domain but that´s not necessarily a bad thing you can get discover and get tons of exposure, you can direct your Wattpad readers to your site or book. I am still thinking about using the platform and write a story just for fun and practice but maybe my own website is a better bet.


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